Hospital Trade

HOSPITAL TRADE as a company of SAICON UG was born from the idea of supporting crisis areas as well as building the infrastructure of underdeveloped countries. Since the foundation in 2017, the demand for medical products and hospitals has been growing steadily. With our cooperation partners, we are very successful worldwide in the international sale of used inventory, object furnishings medical equipment and transport vehicles.

With the experience of many years of our cooperation partners in the inland and export, we supply successfully used and reconditioned hospital inventory as well as medical equipment exclusively as a complete solution to our international clientele. Our range of services includes the sale of used inventory, object furnishing and the necessary medical technology for complete hospitals.

If required, we also offer our customers as-new products, taking into account longer delivery times.

Our services include in particular the worldwide marketing and sales of used hospital inventory, furnishings, the means for transporting patients and medical devices as complete packages, and range from organising the means of transportation to the installation and instruction of the medical devices to be use, their commissioning and handover.

All related services are offered as a complete package in close cooperation and coordination with the customer.

Please contact us - we shall be pleased to help you to realise your project aims


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