For our global customer base in South America, Central America, Middle East, Africa and Asia we will be able to supply complete hospitals up to 120 beds for the general provision including operating rooms and intensive care units of different departments from the field of general internal medicine, anaesthesia, pathology, cardiology, oncology, urology, gynaecology, surgery, orthopaedics, dermatology, radiology, laboratory medicine, dialysis centers, paediatrics and maternity wards, as well as reception / admission and cafeteria areas with pre-owned inventory and hospital equipment.

Due to the consolidation process in the German healthcare system, hospitals are being closed or merged together. If the equipment is fairly new ( 3 – 5 years old), we buy and store them in our facilities. Once a contract is signed, all equipment will be serviced and we will deliver them immediatly with a German warranty to any place. If required we can also deliver new special equipment, eg x-ray, MRT, CT as was part of the package.

The best way for low cost solution with pre-owned equipment for up to 15 % from new price

German high quality pre-owned equipment will be only delivered after intensiv service/maintenance work and with German authority world wide warranty. It is therefore an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

    • Global Marketing and Sales
    • Worldwide Transport
    • Development, Installation and Commissioning on Site
    • Intense Training and Exchange Program
    • Immidiate Delivery from Stock
    • 9 months German Warranty,
    • Optional Extention up to 24 months Warranty
    • Optional Maintenance- and Service Contracts
    • Single point of Contact for Equipment, Delivery, Warranty

Do you need medical and laboratory technology and have cost efficiency and value-added solutions in mind?

Used medical devices, laboratory technology and hospital inventory still possess a high-quality capacity as a resource, thanks to the lower cost in their acquisition. The pre-owned medical devices, laboratory technology and hospital inventory are not obsolete. They are still of a high quality and ready for use following technical checking. In this way, you can achieve an excellent cost-benefit ratio, and obtain inexpensive, high-quality medical devices. With this purchase you can save up to 85 % of the costs.


After a technical check, carrying out any repair which may be necessary and reconditioning of the used medical device technology, you will receive a warranty from us of 6 months. All used medical equipment is provided with an operating manual. The test protocols which are mandatory in Germany in accordance with the Medical Device Act will also be supplied.

Supply guarantee

You will receive from Hospital Trade a bank-certified delivery guarantee.

We offer our global customers a supply guarantee of 5 years on spare parts and accessories.

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